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The heat of the Tropics, with an East Coast strut – that’s Vermilion Bird. She is one of NYC’s top producers and DJs in her style, as well as producing her label’s “Stay Tropical” events. Hailing from Argentina, she has infused the Global Bass scene with Latin flavor. Her discography includes styles that range from Moombahton, Cumbia, Zouk Bass, Reggaeton, and Jersey Club, all with an East Coast touch.

Vermilion Bird was steeped in musical education from an early age, and went on to learn sound engineering and producing, most notably at the world renown DubSpot program. She likens her name, Vermilion Bird, to the process of tearing down all her influences and rebuilding them back into her repertoire, her unique way. She is also one of the pioneers of the Latin Jersey Club sound, with tracks like her wildly popular “Suavemente” Jersey Club Edit.

As one of the few female Moombathon producers in the world, Vermilion Bird felt the need to create the Stay Tropical label and events, to boost not only her career but the careers of other producers with a focus on women in the scene. Her commitment to women’s representation in music drove her to create the track Pussy, released originally on Women’s March Day. The track received a hugely positive response upon initial release and was featured on Comedy Central’s Broad City soundtrack.

Vermilion Bird is currently working on collaborations with vocalists and female producers. A new body of work is expected very soon.

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“Both artists are currently based in New York, Brooklyn and are well known DJs in the underground New York dance music scene, whom share the same love for east-coast club music and all things global bass; Together these two make a dynamic duo like ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and bring back that true-school club sound. The “Pussy Boom! EP” is Vermilion Bird & WildKatz debut release via Wile Out, an established Independent Global-Club Music label focused on exposing artists from all over the World Wide Web. This release features six remixes from some very talented artists each representing a different global sound from Cumbia, Moombahton, Global Bass, Baltimore Club, Baile-Funk & Afro House giving the release an exotic and diverse feel.” – 

“This first track is brought to you by Vermilion Bird, an Argentinian native based out of Brooklyn, New York. Cumbia Mala, literally translating to Bad Cumbia, takes us on an abstract journey outside in the city. For those of you who don’t know, Cumbia is a type of dance music that originates from Colombia. Initially Listening to this track before reading about VB I had this image of myself walking through the ghetto of Colombia singing, dancing, and sharing stories with the people that I meet along the endless journey with no real destination. After I realized this track takes place in the concrete jungle of New York. This is a great track that expands your mind, making you think outside the box while listening. With Love ~D” – Music Mondays – Wild1Radio 

“So now we have been through the less electronic side of cumbia for this month, lets go deep and get ravey! Here we have a very dark tune by the Argentinian born, New York based producer Vermilion Bird. A dedicated member of New York’s global bass family, she comes at us with some nasty, moody cumbia, released via the While Out label. The title says it all really “Cumbia Mala,” evil cumbia. The production on this one is so deep. Lots of wicked bassline swaps and rhythm changes. I love the panning work and the horns really makes the tune sound vicious. Love it !” – Philou Pezard – Generation Bass

“Here’s a brilliant new track (Bohemian Nights) from Vermillion Bird who is originally from Argentina but now based in New York. This new dark, Midtempo track that she has done sounds a lot like the brilliant Brazilian band, Nação Zumbi to me but with a souped up Techno/Global Bass vibe. It’s pretty amazing stuff.” DJ Umb – Generation Bass

“Really sweet remix here by Brooklyn based Vermilion Bird of Grammy award-winning merengue artist Elvis Crespo. She turns the original into Jersey Club Merengue Monster and we like it a lot.” – Generation Bass

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